The first human tools were designed over 2.5 million years ago.  They were made of stone and depending on its shape were used to complete various different tasks, be it cutting, splitting, scraping, grinding or crushing.  Over time, the stone tool has evolved and has been refined and redesigned for efficiency and precision. All, that is, except the pestle and mortar. The pestle and mortar has remained the same since the Stone Age: This is because herbs and spices need to be ground, crushed and mixed to bring out their true flavors.

This redesign of that Stone Age instrument provides the user with a combination of both cutting board and pestle and mortar. This results in a unique and multifunctional product, which delivers an intense cooking experience. Simplicity of design means that by simply adapting the way the tool is held the user can grind, mix and split the ingredients with one single piece of equipment.

A kitchen tool that allows the user to experiment
with spices and optimize the flavor

“Designed as a set of almost caveman-ish kitchen equipment, these kitchen tools are eye-grabbing and functional at the same time.”

-Sarang Sheth, yankodesign.com

“The Stone Age Gets an Update With This Surprisingly Attractive Kitchen Set.” 

-Core, core77.com


“The Primitive Kitchen Tools showcase how sometimes turning to the design aesthetic of the past can provide exceptional results in the present.”

-Michael Hemsworth, trendhunter.com