Bringing heritage back to life

We have a vast cultural past, something to be proud of and to be preserved, unfortunately limitations in museum contexts only allow a very small subset to be on display, often behind glass. How can we bring these static artifacts back to life, to connect it to present culture and to reflect on the rich narratives that connect collections?

With brand new technology: the Microsoft HoloLens. This wireless head-mounted display enables see-through Augmented Reality, i.e. to enrich the physical environment with interactive digital models, animations and sounds. In an iterative fashion, a number of interactive prototypes will be made and explored at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden. Specifically, this project will focus on the Temple of Taffeh- a full-size Egyptian structure with columns and inscriptions.

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Interact with the narrative 

‘It’s easy to imagine how such features could be expanded to make navigation, as well as information, easier to get to grips with in a museum setting’
-Jon Marantha,

‘Museum officials hope that in the future The HoloLens will serve as an interactive tour guide for exhibits that may be hidden from public view. ’
-Deborah Block,


‘A fascinating way of bringing the ancient world into the 21st Century’
-Jim Dury,


‘Currently they are only able to show 20% of their collection to the public, but with the help of the Delft University of Science and Technology they have been looking at ways to use holograms to expand the amount accessible to viewers.’